Klout Update – How I achieved my goal

I’ve finally reached my Klout goal of 50! And just for funsies, I entered my wife’s info to check her score. Keep in mind I’ve been slaving away at social media to try to improve my score and she has just been posting pictures of our kid.

Her score is 56. That’s six better than mine. Sigh.

So I guess my next goal is a score of 57. Not that it’s a competition.

How did I finally hit my Klout goal? I’ll tell!

Since I started tweeting, Twitter has become my social media crack. At first I tried posting things about advertising and marketing because I wanted to impress potential employers. What ended up happening instead was that I just started getting linked up with independent video game developers. As I am the Nerdy Daddy, these connections were welcome. So I just started expanding out to find more game devs, retweeting their promotional stuff, checking out their sites and playing their games.

That didn’t change my score. What really caused it to jump was when I started a second blog to review all these games and link the blog to Twitter. Now devs can check my blog and see what I thought of their games. And of course they can send their potential buyers to my blog. And they can retweet my blog links.

I’ve also started posting segments of my reviews on Steam and linking to my blog for the “full review.”

I’m still growing my following on Twitter and I hit 225 followers yesterday. I’m still a long way from being an influencer, but I am getting there.

If you’re interested to see my new baby blog, the address is:


That’s right. I’m a ghetto gamer. Emphasizing cheap thrills that are easy on your computer.

A score of 50 is really not all that, I know. But my score is rising consistently every day. By the end of today, I expect it to be at 51. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. And the more you check back, the faster my score grows!

Till next time, peoples!

~The Nerdy Daddy~


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