Agency World, Freelancing and Why I Can’t Break In

My last post ended in a cliffhanger, I know. I apologize. I was very busy with several projects going at once and an interview and all kinds of fun stuff.

Even though things are getting better on the freelance front, it’s tough to stitch together a living from freelance writing jobs.

Three months ago I completed an internship at GCG Marketing. It was fun and stuff, but they either didn’t need me or couldn’t afford me so once it was done, they tossed me out on my butt. I suppose that’s the nature of an internship, though I still wonder what really happened there.

My time in Agency World gave me a taste for team-based marketing adventures that I just couldn’t shake. Since then I must have applied for a dozen positions at a dozen firms. My portfolio is stuffed with goodies from GCG, but something is keeping me from the jobs I want.

Why is it so difficult to break back into Agency World?

My theory is that – in Fort Worth at least – agency folks all seem to know each other. It’s cliquey. I heard a statistic about how 80 or more percent of jobs are obtained by “knowing somebody.” I know a few people, but I guess not enough to land me in the right place at the right time.

Another obstacle I see is that writers are sort of undervalued. Businesses don’t think they need professional writers. They can write their own headlines, thank you very much! And every galumphing and ponderous ramble I see scrawled across a billboard reminds me that I am valuable. Every erroneous apostrophe grates at my nerves. Ack! Businesses undervalue writers because they overvalue their own ability to communicate.

I’ll keep chugging away, I guess. I’ve got two regular clients, one of which is a major FW agency (maybe they’ll want to keep me?) and one is a mobile game developer (super fun stuff!) and I’m waiting to confirm a marketing contract with a very large airline. I nailed the interview and I think my writing sample was pretty good too.

With these three big clients, plus a few bonus projects here and there, I can not only earn a living, I can flourish!

…And so can you! (Cheesy copy line. You’re welcome.)

…And now I will change a poopy diaper!

With deepest condolences,

The Nerdy Daddy

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