Freelancing is Hard.

I’ve been calling myself a freelancer for a little while now. It’s just extra money to supplement my “real” job selling timeshare packages. Please hold applause. It’s been a slow and trying process, especially writing thoughtful copy with a fussy baby in my lap. And most of it has been content-mill drivel that grinds my fingertips down to tiny flapjacks — and I get paid in flapjacks. Figurative Flapjacks.*

But yesterday I had a unique experience. I had to choose  what projects I would accept!

That sounds simple, but let me say it differently: Yesterday, demand for me was high enough that I could afford to turn down projects. What? Is this really happening? And how?

As a matter of fact, I am currently too busy to blog about this. So let me turn down my own proposal. I’ve got stuff to do. Peace out, Blog!

…Nerdy Daddy…


*Figurative Flapjacks: Band name; I called it.

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