Klout Quest pt. 3: The Quest for More Klout

Welcome back, fans.

As you may recall…

<Initiate flashback sequence=”klout_quest”>

I embarked two posts ago on an epic journey to increase my Klout score. At this point, if you don’t know about Klout, then the best thing would be to backpedal and check out my previous posts on the subject. To render a lengthy narrative brief, I plugged in my social media and discovered I had a Klout score of 44. That’s average +4. I did some research. But seriously, read my previous posts.

</flashback sequence>


When we left off, I was agonizing over whether – as Shakespeare would have said – to troll or not to troll. While the thought of straight-up trolling as a type of social media experiment had its appeal, I decided a more professional route was smarter. As such, I created a Facebook page my professional services.

/* More back story? Sure!

I’ve been getting some juicy projects (and getting trolled myself) on Freelancer.com. By the way, I also wrote a review on Freelancer you should check out. I’m going to write an update regarding my recent successes and fails. But first I have to make sure if I got scammed or not. Stupid internet.

Anyway, of the connections I have *successfully* made on Freelancer, I am starting to build a small client list for my content, copy and editing services.

You aren’t caught up, but the details will surface in future posts.

Coding language stop!


My February goal for Klout was to reach a score of 50 before March. My plan was . . . well. To come up with a plan? It never quite emerged. What I did instead was focus on Twitter and grow my audience there. I found a niche that I could jibe with when I uncovered a subculture of dedicated retro-gamers. We are many!

By the end of February, my score had crawled to a tepid 47. Not terrible, really. But not my goal and certainly not where I want to stay.

So about that plan? As far as Twitter is involved, the first part of my plan is unfolding. I have grown my followers from 10 to 65 since I began my quest. Not bad, I think. It seems to me that the more followers you have, the easier to capture even more followers. More exposure on other feeds means more similar Tweeters will see my posts and like, retweet or follow me.

The problem with Twitter is that, while it does contribute to my Klout score, the content I am tweeting does not support my marketing strategy. Or my marketing prowess.

So that was when I started my Facebook page. It is still fresh, with only one real post. But one must start somewhere. I went (for now) with the name Nerdy Daddy Media. My next goal is to capture likes and get responses via this new medium. Or rather, “new” medium. I also need to research the name Nerdy Daddy Media and make sure I didn’t steal it. I’m sure Nerdy Daddy has been used. Some smart Alec is squatting on the domain name nerdydaddy.com.

I think this would be a good place to end this post. I’ve run out of things to say, more or less. I need to take some time to build a following on all my media outlets. Klout, it seems, has set up their algorithm to resist gaming, though I outlined a few tricks in my last post. But if I want to impress employers, the results should be organic, not contrived.

Talk soon,

The Nerdy Daddy — Nerdy Daddy Media, founder & CEO (Actually that sounds pretty good!)



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