My Klout Score

In a previous post, I briefly mentioned what a puny little Klout score I had. Don’t I mean clout? No. is a site that takes into account all of your social media presences and aggregates them into a numerical score between 0 and 100.  I’ve peeled a pretty sweet infographic from Wired magazine to show you what kind of scores you can expect per your popularity.

Check it out


fascinating, right? Klout looks at your Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Youtube and a bunch of other social media I’ve never heard of. They figure out your social footprint based on how many views your posts get, the quality of your content, how long you’ve been posting, frequency and how many conversations you initiate. That last one seems particularly impactful, and Klout tracks your “moments” in which you got more responses from more people and rates these moments on a scale of one to five.

When I first got my Klout score, I had connected my Youtube channel, Twitter feed and WordPress page only to find I had a score of 10. That’s ‘ten’ in letters. That’s bad. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve got over 160 subscribers on YouTube and thousands of views here on my blog. My Twitter account is pretty new, but surely better than a score of 10! Why is my Klout score so low? How do I improve it?

Turns out it just takes a few days for your Klout score to reflect newly-added accounts. Once they were verified, my score shot up to 44.

Okay, that’s a little better.

The average Klout score is 40, so I’m barely above average. That’s not something I can really brag about to potential advertising employers. I read an article in which a guy was turned down for a job because of his 27 Klout score. Maybe that’s sneaky craftwork on behalf of the Klouting industry, but I don’t want to take any chances. Anyway, it seems like a challenge to me. And I’ve been trying ever since to raise my score.

Since the initial score of 44, I’ve raised it 2 points. Forty-six still isn’t great, but two points over two weeks is at least progress. The best Klout moments I’ve had were from a few events I attended. I tweeted my illustrious presence there and immediately received responses from vendors and other attendees who were happy to be there or, in the case of the recent DFW Boat Show, mildly irritated at my lack of enthusiasm.

I’ve been tweeting almost nonstop since I discovered my lukewarm social presence, and it has had some small impact. But I need to think bigger! I’ve set a goal of hitting a score of 50 by the end of February.

According to Klout, the higher your score already is, the harder it is to raise it. I can’t say that I’m too ashamed to be almost tied with the Aflac duck. That dude is awesome! To surpass him will be totes bragworthy. That’s right. Totes!

This is just a meandering beginning to what I hope will become a series of posts about the Klout phenomenon. I’ve been pretty obsessed with it. Having a quantitative score to tell employers how skilled I am at social media is just too potentially helpful to not work at. So let me research this thing and come up with a plan. If anybody cares, they can follow my progress. Or follow me on Twitter @longie_long if you’re so inclined. Or at least connect with me on LinkedIn so my sad little 1% of influence can become something greater.

Thanks as ever, faithful readers. Check back soon to monitor my progress. Suggestions are welcome on this topic if you have some hacks to make my climb a little easier.

Your bestest buddy,

The Nerdy Daddy



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