I can’t believe this nonsense!

So it’s been a week since my last post. Coincidentally, it’s been a week since my last view. What does that tell us, Blogosphere?

I guess in order to gain popularity, one must continually churn out content. Quality or otherwise. For those of us with school, kids, multiple jobs and some scrap of a personal life, that can be nigh impossible.

This is why so many employers on Freelancer.com look for chumps like me to write their blog posts. Even though I think it’s sort of underhanded I do participate (dollas is dollas.) But who will write my blog posts for me?

No no, don’t worry faithful readers. I write all my own blogs. For now. Since this blog is sort of a journal, it would be totes ridic to expect a stranger in another country to write about my personal life for $5 per post. But because I only attract readers when I post new material, I totally get why people do this. Maybe I should write these posts five at a time and schedule them for publishing every couple of days? But come one! I have stuff to do.

When you get right down to it, this post is just a post for the sake of posting. Perhaps this musing will click with one or two readers, but really this is just me writing something to attract attention to my blog. So if you’ve read this all the way through …

Ha! You’ve been had!

Till next time,

The Nerdy Daddy

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