review – can you really Get Work Done?

Here’s how it works.

Someone needs a project done. They describe it on and it is broadcast to freelancers. Your profile matches your skills to jobs for which you are qualified.

This is great for employers because they can pick and choose to cheapest possible freelancers. For the same reason, it sucks for me. I try to write for a minimum $20 per hour. Trying to stitch together enough 10-dollar jobs to make it worth my time is improbable.

Posted jobs can have hundreds of bidders, dozens of which are at the very bottom asking price. Often those bids are people in countries where 10 US dollars can feed their family. For them, assuming their skills are adequate, Freelancer is probably awesome.

You pay a monthly fee. Minimum of 99 cents. Plus Freelancer takes 10% of every job you accept and encourages you to upgrade and pay for competency exams ($5 each.)

Freelancer is fine if you can get someone to actually give you a chance. After over a year, a client was kind enough to give me a shot and she has been feeding me projects ever since.

As a way to earn a living, Freelancer is a no-go. For Americans at least.


For instructor’s use only:

Telling the Story Behind the Story

This is something current for me that I think others can relate to. Making money and paying bills is something I’ve been struggling with (like, forever) and has offered some little bit of assistance. But it was such a struggle to get a good client, and it’s an ongoing struggle finding consistent work. I think professionals who expect to make money might consider as a viable option, but they could probably make use of the knowledge here.

Narrating the Process

My blog is like a journal. I use it to publish my own thinking processes and if anybody is interested in learning from my thinking, they can click and read. is frustrating for me, and I thought a quick review could cover points that people might wonder about. So here it is.


  1. I have a similar problem with all such websites! I’ve given up on them mostly, I understand that for some workers in some countries the bottom price is a great wage for them up, but for the majority of us in the western world it’s unfeasible and it kind of undervalues our work.


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