SEO Tomfoolery and Pyramid Schemes

My wife loves pyramid schemes. And I know why. She is a hopeful and excited person and that’s part of what I love about her.


She loves pyramid schemes. So when she approached me with this latest one, I set out to prove to her it was a bad idea.

So I Googled. And I Googled. And I Googled.

I Googled the name of the company with the word ‘scam’ tacked on to the end.

I Googled the company with ‘hidden fees.’

I Googled the company with ‘review.’

No matter what I tried, all Google could return was a glut of keyword-rich pages created by the company itself and its pyramid folk. And the keywords these pages contained were the very ones I was searching to disprove the quality of the product or the program.

This may be an appropriate time to mention I am writing a book on SEO. I’m not a guru or anything, but I know my way around SERPs (Search Engine Results Page. Just wanted to throw out another acronym to boost my credibility.)

This was frustrating. Turns out my lovely wife was also looking for these things and – not schooled in the art of SEO – was sufficiently convinced that nobody posted anything bad about the company. I eventually did find one genuine third-party review about 5 results-pages deep, but the company releases so little about itself that the review was completely useless. And because the company spawns individual websites for its “ambassadors,” complete with images, tons of backlinks, keywords and every other SEO trick, Google is completely spammed!

So what’s the takeaway? Well for one thing, we are enrolled in another network-marketing scheme. But besides that, I’ve learned a valuable SEO lesson. I don’t know if the value of the knowledge will equal to the money we will waste, but at least I got something out of the deal.



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