Intership Closed. Donezo. Kaput.

Now who will be the world’s oldest intern? Cause it ain’t me.

I’ve been an intern at GCG for about two months. Everyone here has been super nice and helpful and while it’s sad to think about leaving, it makes me feel better knowing how much of their coffee I drank while I was here.

Office work has never been so good, and I’ve never seen such a friendly bunch of folks and such a rarely used men’s room. What more could a guy ask for? Other than – I don’t know – an actual job? My only regret is that I have Europe’s “Final Countdown” stuck in my head today. But that will go away. With time.

My resume and portfolio are circulating and I’m waiting to hear back about a few copywriting jobs. Everything looks good for the moment. Without spending this time at GCG, I would not have such a decent portfolio and would not have a fair shot at such solid jobs. Thanks guys!

Now for a lesson, kiddies:

Make the most of your internship

I try to include something insightful (and keyword-rich) with my posts so that others may learn from my trials and errors.

As was kindly illustrated to me by (creative director) Kris, an internship is meant to bridge the gap between school and getting a job. To get the most benefit from your internship, work on as much as you can and collect it all in one place. The more finished your pieces are, the better. I’ll go ahead and shamelessly include the link to my own portfolio below:

No, I never go by Steve in real life, but stevenlong… was taken.

As an intern, you need to collect every piece you touch while you are working. Even if you are just there for concepting, editing, whatever. I was fortunate to be  substantially involved on projects while I was here, so pretty much all the copy you see is mine.

For copywriters, carbonmade is a good choice to display your book. Be warned though, that if you want more than 5 pieces displayed you have to start paying money. Ten pieces will run you $6 per month. Not too bad, really. And it’s a business expense.

If you’re a designer, carbonmade might not do it for you. It’s easy to use to display pdfs, but you might want to consider Adobe’s And while you’re there you can browse the competition too.

A creative internship probably won’t follow the path of any one particular project, so the chances are good that you will leave some unfinished projects behind. That’s fine. It gives you a good excuse to stay in contact with your peeps. Make sure to connect to everyone at the agency on Linkedin and get those finished pieces for your book.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to take my own advice.

Till next time,

Yer pal,

Formerly the world’s oldest intern,

The Nerdy Daddy


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