New Toys: Cryx Soulhunters

So my “birthday” was” yesterday. I’m like twenty-six or so. I forget. It doesn’t matter anyway. The point is that I’m too old to play with toys. And yet. . .

My parents were kind enough to pull some Cryx Soulhunters from my Amazon list. These guys are a unit I have been putting off purchasing for a year or so. Of late, I’ve been playing more Hordes: Legion than War Machine: Cryx. But Cryx is still where my heart lies.

My initial reason for choosing Cryx was the awesomeness of their undead models,. The bloat thrall especially drew me in. He’s so gross! I’ve never had much success with him on the battlefield, but I consider my Bloat thrall painting job one of my better successes. So handsome!

Anyway, back to the Soulhunters.

Soulhunters are the crazy ugly scary epitome of Cryx goodness. Reviewing them will be difficult since they are still in pieces on my dining room table (sorry honey) but on paper, the Soulhunter’s effectiveness is dependent on the dragoon solo, Darragh Wrathe.

By themselves, the Soulhunters boast two initial attacks plus a mount attack. One of their attacks has reach, but none of them are especially strong. Still, potentially having three initial attacks makes me want to charge them in to a crowd of infantry. And what’s more, they collect souls from living models. While I don’t think the souls can be used to buy attacks (I’ll have to re-check the card,) they can still be used to boost attack or damage rolls, so those moderate hits become much more effective.

Like I said earlier, Darragh Wrathe makes them much more effective. Hold on, let me flex my HTML muscles and make an [UL] unordered list.

    Are Soulhunters good?

  • Very fast speed + fast-cav hell yeah!
  • Three initial attacks, potentially boostable? Um, yeah!
  • Relatively high point cost
  • Moderate ATK stat makes high-DEF models tough to hit.
  • Incredible Synergy with Darragh Wrathe!

That’s my whole list.

With Darragh Wrathe, they gain incorporeal and become a real threat to your opponent’s back lines. Or at least offer a sufficient distraction to divide your opponent’s forces.

Until I get an actual game in, I won’t know how these dudes work. Here’s hoping they don’t suck. Well. Here’s hoping I can get an actual game in.

Till next time,

The Nerdy Daddy

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