I’m the World’s Oldest Intern

. . .Or am I being dramatic? There was that movie in which Robert DeNiro plays an elderly former-CEO who interns at some blah blah blah and stuff. But in the realm of real life (IRL,) I’m not sure how commonly an agency would bother to hire an intern who remembers … what? The Berlin Wall? Animaniacs? Ghost Busters breakfast cereal? And yet GCG Marketing has offered me an opportunity as a copy intern.

I gave up a long time ago on ever making a living as a writer. I decided there was just no market for the written word. People don’t read for pleasure any more. So I changed my mind and changed my major. I always thought that to make grown-up money I would have to give up things I enjoy (like writing) and pick up newer, crappier skills (like engineering.) As it turns out, there is quite a demand for decent copy writers. There aren’t many people that want to hire themselves out as a word-mercenary. But there is no shortage of businesses and entities that need professionals to help them articulate on their websites or in their briefs or ads or whatever and they need people who are good with words to slap stuff together and make them seem clever and get attention and then they and then and then. . .

Sorry, I’m very excited. Let me backtrack a bit:

I was minding my own business, pursuing web design as the currently-best prospect for a money-making job that I could enjoy for the rest of my life. Required in a “Communication technology” degree plan are a number of advertising classes. Being a millennial (more or less,) I don’t generally trust ads. I like funny ones, but that’s about it. Working for a marketing company hasn’t helped. But the more I learned about the ad industry and the people that work in it, the more intrigued I became. These ad people are nerdy creatives. Creative nerds. They love to doodle. They have kegs in their offices. (GCG has a friggin’ karaoke machine within sneezing distance of my desk — Julie’s desk, actually. But she’s letting me borrow it.) I mean. . . these are my people! Naturally I began to expand my web portfolio to include brand development stuff, mostly dealing with art and logos.

At the recent “agency crawl,” in which my college contemporaries and I visited a handful of local ad agencies, I sort of raised my hand when one speaker asked if anyone was interested in writing copy. I wasn’t sure what that meant. And only one other person acknowledged an interest in this. I knew I could write and knew I would jump at a chance to make money at it. But what the hell is copy? Anyway. I raised my hand. And now I’m so very glad I did. The following week my professor who chaperoned the event asked me if I could really write. I said I definitely could. I’ve written for papers. I used to be a journalism major. And as a history major all I do is research and write. Can I write? Pshaw! Sent him a writing sample. Got an interview. Started today as GCG’s newest intern and copy writer.

What does this mean for me? Well, I’ve got a seriously great opportunity to make something happen. I’d be an ass if I blew this shot. Working for GCG wouldn’t just mean a steady job, which I haven’t had in years. It wouldn’t mean just a regular, livable paycheck. I have a chance to do what I love around people I enjoy in a place where I feel I belong. I can only begin to express the emotions. I feel like I’ve been limping through life waiting for a chance like this. I was at rock-freakin’-bottom a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m not sure how things could have turned out any better.

Okay, friends. I’ve wasted enough pixels on this ramble. I know a few interested parties will read it and I hope you enjoy. I hope to get back into blogging as finals week wraps up I’m sure I will have insights for interns, writers, parents and all that junk. But until then,

Yer pal,
the Nerdy Daddy


  1. Hello! I discovered you via a comment on a Klout blog post. I’m quite interested in interning, and I’m older (you’re still in diapers compared to me) than you. May I ask you for advice/guidance via email?

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