Life with Milo

It feels like a gazilliondy years, but it was just over two months ago that little Milo burst unceremoniously from the Sarlacc Pit or wherever babies come from.  I went into fatherhood with an understandable heap of trepidation, an armload of consternation and a colon full of nervous poops.  Now that he’s here, time is screaming by and I haven’t even had a chance to catch my breath.  I’ve been busting my hump at school and working full time on top of playing Dad.  I haven’t even had a chance to reflect on what I was so worried about to begin with, let alone blog about it!  So this shall be my attempt to do so.

Bloggin’ and Tubin’

Let the record show that my blogging has slowed considerably since The Stork dropped off Milo.  Of course you might could chalk that up to me getting bored or running out of ideas and probably you wouldn’t be too far off the mark.  Blogging is fun and it’s always satisfying when hits pop up on my WordPress, but what Daddy really needs is some cash.

Same goes for my Youtube videos.  I’m still getting hits every day on my existing videos and subscribers jump on and drop off all the time, but there’s just no time to record new videos and if there was, there is no quiet corner in which to paint or record.

Gamin’ and Paintin’

Ah, gaming!  Pre-Milo it was not a huge deal for me to head to a friend’s house for a quick 5-hour game of Warmachine.  No mas.  There’s just no time, dear reader!  No time!  And even in the event of some freak time-continuum shift which might allow me free time, I couldn’t spend it selfishly.  Jenn’s been stuck at home with a baby on her boob for like 10 weeks straight.  She no longer has the luxury of working or schooling or doing much of anything but taking care of the kiddo.  So okay: freak time shift!  Have fun stuck at home, honey!

I suppose I still would have time to paint my minis, but without the ability to record it for posterity, it seems wasted.  I’m not going to re-buy those models, so by painting them I am robbing myself of a video later.


Work hasn’t changed much.  Except that November is the slowest month of the year and we are flat broke.  Having a son makes me work extra hard, but there is a seasonal aspect to travel business and you can’t squeeze pudding from a turd.  So hopefully things pick up and in the meantime we are scraping by with help from family.  Thanks family!

As a proud father, I’ve been taking mad photos of our kid.  And for inspiration I will glance through the pictures while I’m sucking at my job.  Unfortunately what ends up happening is I get sad and miss him.  Inspiring, but not in the way that makes me more effective at selling.


I don’t want to get too personal here.  Let’s just say our focus is on the kid now much more than each other.  Is that vague enough?  Having Milo has definitely changed the way we see each other.  I have a whole new respect for Jenn.  And one of these days we will go on a date.  Just wait and see?  Sure.  Wait.  And see.


I’ve poked a certain amount of fun at the oft-repeated tidbit given to expecting parents: “sleep while you can.”

And while I stand by my insistence that that advice gets old in the ear, I have to admit that I finally know what “tired” means.  They aren’t exaggerating when they say you wake up every three hours.

Two months down the road, Milo is starting to sleep a bit more regularly. Some nights he sleeps through to the morning and some nights he just wakes up once.  He gets better all the time.


Anyone who knows me knows I used to be the manliest of men.  You know: bulging muscles and arm hair chopping down trees with a machine gun.  But since we had our baby, I’ve shrank 4 inches, lost most of my hair and gained like 10 lbs.  Sort of joking of course.  Sort of.  I’ve really gained some amount of weight and I’m pretty sure I’m losing hair at an accelerated rate.  Or perhaps it is my overworking that causes that?  Either way, I’m ready for Milo to get on a schedule and on a bottle so I can start reclaiming my freedom.  Oh and also so Jenn can.  Yep.  Both of us.


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