Bacon-Wrapped Avocodo

So here’s a recipe. Are you ready?

Write this down, okay?

  • Bacon
  • Avocado

And here’s the recipe:

  1. Cut the avocado
  2. Wrap it with bacon
  3. Cook it in the oven ’til the bacon is how you like it
  4. Send them to me to eat

I served mine here with eggs scrambled with spinach. Add some cumin and chilli powder to make it taste more southwesterny. A glob of sour cream and/or salsa might be nice, but I just went with Valentina Hot Sauce.


Q: But wait . . . isn’t that an awful lot of fat?

A: Yes. That is why this is delicious.

Never forget that you are on the Bacon Diet now and fat is your friend. Fat is scary to most people because it is calorie-dense. The popular thinking is that calorie imbalance causes you to store fat. But we enlightened folks know that insulin makes us fat. And insulin doesn’t care about calories or fat. Just skip the toast on this one and you will be true to the Baconist doctrine.

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