What is a “Babymoon?”

Once they pull a baby out of you, you aren’t supposed to work or lift stuff. And if your babydaddy is like me, he will take a few weeks off work to help you out. That’s the “babymoon”.

When I discovered there was such a thing, I perked up. After about week 36 of pregnancy, Jenn was having a hard time doing anything, and I was working as hard as I could on top of going to school. I thought, two weeks off work? Yes please! I had a kind of list in my head of things I wanted to “get done” around the house. I came up with some online courses I could take during my “down time” and generally was looking forward to having some “time off.”

And while I will occasionally overuse “quotation marks,” I don’t think I can overstate how little down time new parents have.

The truth about Babymoons

Some experienced mothers we spoke to had fond memories of their babymoons. It is described like this: “It’s a time to soak up your baby with no expectations from other people. It’s just you and your new baby and your husband. . .” And that’s true. But what they don’t tell you is that time disappears in a haze. I’ve been off work for almost three weeks and rather than enjoying that down time, divided into “days” and “nights” it all just kind of blurs into a long day, starting with labor.

The Babymoon is a time of figuring out when and if you can sleep. Diapers are stinkier at 4am and even stinkier when they leak. And they are the stinkiest when your baby poops as soon as you put the fresh diaper on. Sometimes I think Milo holds his poop until he has a clean diaper to mess up.

The Babymoon is a time of getting used to holding a newborn (they’re squishy,) learning how to speed-change diapers, learning how to breast feed, how to feed a dog with one hand, use a carseat. . .

It’s a time of change and a time of love for sure. But time is relative. And when you’re on baby-time, it becomes difficult to distinguish one day from the last. So maybe I’m trying to convince myself that going back to work today is “good” and that I should “look forward to it.” Lawd knows we need the money. But maybe having “work days” and “off days” will help un-blend the passage of time and thing will become as “normal” as my “overuse” of “quotation marks” Haha.

Till next time,

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