Recipe: Yellow Curry Spaghetti Squash

Another Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Yeah, I know. But hey: it’s fall! Besides, spaghetti squash is so cheap and abundant and Bacon-Diet friendly that you might as well use it. Also, the flavor of the squash lends itself perfectly to coconut and curry flavors and provides a subtle sweetness that requires no added sugar. Behold!


  • 1/2 Spaghetti Squash
  • Some meat (not bacon this time)
  • Curry Seasoning (Or make your own with turmeric if you know how. I just buy it premixed from Central Market.)
  • Coconut oil (Trader Joe’s is good quality, low price)
  • Coconut Cream (Different from coconut milk. It’s like a paste. Coconut milk would work too, but let it simmer longer to evaporate and thicken.)
  • Something green. I use broccoli, but pretty much any green veg should work
  • Salt & Pepper

That’s not many ingredients. This recipe ain’t hard. 1/2 of a squash should make two very generous servings.

  • Cook the squash early. It can stay in the fridge for days, it’s easier to scoop when it’s cool and you’re going to have leftovers anyway.
  • Cut in half lengthwise. Drizzle the soft insides with olive or avocado oil. Lay the halves on a cookie sheet cut-side down and bake at 375 for 20 minutes or so. Exact time depends on the squash. When you can push a knife into it with no resistance it is cooked.
  • Lay the squash out and when it is cooled off, scoop the soft insides with a spoon. They will spaghettify themselves.
  • Throw your meat in a pan with some coconut oil. It can be anything you like. I’m using a diced salmon-burger patty but you can use diced chicken, beef, pork.
  • Let it sizzle until it is starting to cook, then throw in your green veg. Cook more.
  • Scoop in 1/4 cup of Coconut Cream. Once it melts, add in a couple tablespoons of curry seasoning.
  • Stir it.
  • Let it simmer until everything is cooked and it looks nice and yellow.

Easy-peasy. I pretty much always have a can of coconut cream on hand. It’s great for seasoning 1-pan meals. If we have no food, I just throw whatever’s laying around into the pan, add cream and curry powder and Kablam! A “creative” meal seemingly from nothing. This curry-combo is awesome with sweet potatoes (another Bacon-Diet staple) or beets (another other Bacon-Diet staple).


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