Five Nights at Freddy’s

The wife and baby are sleeping. My homework is done. And it’s only one a.m. Now what?

So 2:00 is the time I consider bedtime. And if I finish homework at 1:00, that means I need an entertaining PC game to fill that gap. Being a smart guy, I felt that a terrifying jump-scare horror game was the best thing to play when wife and kid are asleep next to me. And since Five Nights at Freddy’s is only 5$ on Steam, I figured give it a try.

I’m way late on the bandwagon here. Freddy’s 4 is out and super popular on Steam. Oddly enough, Freddy’s 4 has a Metacritic score of only 50/100, but an “Overwhelmingly Popular” status in it’s Steam reviews. Often these cult games are the best. What do critics know, anyway?

Freddy’s 1 is old hat, but old games are the ones I like the most. How many times have I paid retail for a new game only to discover it sucked? Well, I haven’t. Because I can’t afford to. But it happens plenty. Just not to me.

Anyway, for those few who don’t know, Five Nights at Freddy’s came out last year and has over 14,000 reviews on Steam. That’s amazing. It’s a low-budget indie game and why anyone pays 60$ for major releases (Mad Max) when awesome indie games like this exist is beyond me.

The Plot

In Five Nights at Freddy’s you play the role of an overnight security officer at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Freddy and his gang are animatronic puppets who entertain children by day a la Chuck-E-Cheese. But at night the puppets come to life and creep around the restaurant.

According to the former security officer who leaves nightly messages for you, if the puppets find you, they will assume you are an exoskeleton without his puppet suit. They will then force you into a suit with its electronic innards and circuitry and other deadly pieces until your eyeballs goop out the face holes.

Your job is to manage the “power” in your office. The entire game takes place in the security office, which has two doors that eat up your power. Viewing the security cameras spread throughout the restaurant and lighting the hallway lights also use your power. In life this makes no sense. Why would a security office have limited power? How would they run the restaurant in the daytime when you can barely run security cameras for 6 hours? Makes no sense. But I’ve never let a lack of realism turn me off of a great game.

My Take

This game is worthy of the hype. It’s only five bucks. It’s incredibly simple to play, but still challenging. If the puppets get the drop on you, you are rewarded with one of the screaming in your face. Game over. Scares the crap out of me every time. For best results, play this in bed with the headphones on and the lights out. The ambience is perfect. The sounds are creepy and while the graphics are a bit 90’s, the atmosphere is thoroughly scary.

Five dollars is a great price for this. If it goes on Super Sale, then you should really really get it. If you are one of the five or six people who doesn’t have it yet.


  1. Hadyn is in love with this game and even wanted to go as Freddy Fazbear for Halloween but i guess not popular enough yet to have their own costumes.


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