Back to Work. And school. And more work.

Soon I will return to work.

But really, I never stopped working. I just haven’t been to Silverleaf in a while. Which is fine. It’s the sort of job you want a break from. But I also thought it would be clever to continue at UTA as a full-time student this semester. That’s four upper-level tech classes crammed into two days a week. That’s a lot. Especially considering the amount of homework and time spent studying.

My favorite academic adviser Barrie Hill thought it was clever too. “Now you’ll have something to do while you’re up all night!” she exclaimed. But it turns out PHP is a wicked tough programming language when you are sleep-deprived. Or have a full stomach. Or are not a machine-person. It’s just really difficult.

Besides learning PHP, I have been trying to start scooting a portfolio together so that I might begin job hunting. I purchased the domain “” so that I can have something easier to tell people than my current UTA-hosted personal website. Of which the URL is long and contains odd characters. Unfortunately, the process of acquiring the domain is taking a bit longer than I had expected. THC servers is where I am going to be hosted. It was quite inexpensive and they have a little cartoon geek mascot that seemed to speak to my own.

So when you get a chance, and if the site ever becomes official, check it out.

I’m working on some other projects concurrently. That’s along with studying and doing class projects and also raising Milo and putting off going back to work (Friday. Going back on Friday.) I’m trying to learn the CSS framework Bootstrap because it is quite the popular framework. And of course I am trying to stay current on this blog. WordPress is another very popular “thing to be good at” in terms of getting a web-design job. I’ve also been investing my time optimizing my Youtube channel that nobody really knows about. It trumps most of my other projects for nerdiness, but I suppose if you really want to learn to paint tabletop miniatures have at it.

You’ve probably got an idea of why it is so tough to keep updating this blog. I’m doing quite a lot. But at least I have a cute son and a beautiful wife and 120 hours of paid time off.

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