Mission Accomplished. Now When Can I Sleep?

I remember sleep

That useful piece of advice that all parents want to tell their expecting friends: “Sleep while you can,” is not given for no reason. And while it did get old hearing that same little chestnut time and again, I have to admit that I’ve never known how tired a person could get.

Three nights ago we were told to feed Milo every three hours, regardless of the time or whether he acted hungry. We did as ordered, waking him and putting him to the boob to see if he would eat. He sometimes did, then he would get changed and put back to sleep in his bassinet and I would set the alarm on my phone to wake me up in 3 more hours.

Two nights ago we were told the same thing, and we did our best. But he was not hungry every three hours. He was hungry every two hours. Okay. Frustrating. He would eat, then fuss, then eat again, then go back to sleep. This is what I was expecting, but of course it is frustrating. I did what I could to help, keeping Milo in my lap because he would fuss in his bassinet. That was when I wrote my last blog entry and Jennifer actually got a few solid hours of sleep. And I got to catch up my blog. I thought, no problem!

Last night Milo never stopped being hungry. He wanted to eat every hour or more and he would eat for at least 30 minutes each time. Each time we took him off the boob he would fuss and cry. I managed to rock him to sleep and keep him that way for almost one hour so Jenn could sleep. I had to pee, so I placed him in his bassinet just long enough to accomplish that. By the time I washed my hands, Milo was wailing. Jennifer took him, put him back on the boob, and that was how they slept for the rest of the night.

The nurses and lactation consultant reassure us that this is all normal. It is called cluster feeding. I call it a cluster fudge. I think it coincides with his first growth spurt, when he will put on the classic baby fat. It also triggers Jenn’s hormones to start producing mass quantities of milk. Hopefully when that happens our kid will be more able to satisfy himself at meal time and we’ll have a break between feedings. An eight-hour break would be fine, Milo!

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