False Labor? Maybe…

Braxton Hicks Contractions

So I’ve been working out of town this weekend. Not too far, mind you. Only about 50 miles away in Allen. Maybe not the best idea on Jenn’s due date. Fortunately she did not go into labor while I was working. Unfortunately she has started having more or less constant Braxton-Hicks contractions.

What are they?

Braxton-Hicks contractions are sort of like practice contractions. They start pretty early in pregnancy and continue all the way to the end. It’s supposed to sort of ‘exercise’ the cervix and prepare Mom for the real thing. Usually they are intermittent and not a big deal. However, since I’ve gotten home from a long shift, Jenn has been having them every five minutes. Literally. I’ve been timing them with an Android app called Full Term which is supposed to help us determine how long and how frequent contractions are so we can figure out when to – you know – make like a baby? And head out? You get it?

Anyway, she is still having them so we contacted our midwife to see if this is normal.

It is not.

According to her, this episode will either escalate to full labor or fizzle out. We call that false labor. We aren’t sure which we hope for because it is almost 10pm. Even though we are ready to get this booger out, we would prefer if labor came in the morning or afternoon. Even after I’ve shouted at her tummy about what times we prefer, it looks like this could be the big one. Jenn is saying the cramps are spreading to her lower back and abdomen. . . Now she is irritatedly demanding to know what I’m doing. I told her I’m blogging about her and she seems satisfied. But I’d better get into the shower and prepare for a long, long night.


She now wants to switch the channel from reality show to “something more relaxing.” Sounds like things are getting intense in there.

Our midwife’s instructions and everything we’ve read about real labor says that our initial plan is to relax, go to sleep, take a bath and just ignore contractions until they are 4 or 5 minutes apart. Easy-peasy, right? Yeah right. Never mind that you are teetering on the edge of permanent life-change. Just – you know – ignore that junk.

This is seeming more and more like a false alarm. Probably for the better. We’re both pretty tired and not really up for a marathon. Maybe labor can start in the morning and save me from having to work!?

more to follow!





No baby yet. The Braxtons are subsiding. I think we dodged a bullet.

But the night’s not over. . .

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